Exemplar of Mercy

A friend of mine on social media was taking comfort in the “merciful” notion of heinous criminals spending eternity in hell.  A common thought, perhaps, but is that the stance of a person who truly holds God as the Exemplar of Mercy?

Let us look to the Quran for wisdom.  Every chapter of the Quran begins with the same verse, known as the Bismallah.  This verse serves to identify the author.  Here is a transliteration:

bi ‘sm Allah, al-ra7man al-ra7eem.

Let’s break it down.

Arabic Transliteration English Interpretation
bi by, via, with
‘sm Name, nature
Allah The definite god
Al-ra7man The expresser of mercy
Al-ra7eem The exemplar of mercy

How awesome is the merciful nature of God!

What do the signs (verses) say?

[5:40] Do you not know that GOD possesses the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth? He punishes whomever He wills, and forgives whomever He wills. GOD is Omnipotent.

[15:56] [Abraham] said, “None despairs of his Lord’s mercy, except the strayers.”

[30:48] GOD is the One who sends the winds, to stir up clouds, to be spread throughout the sky in accordance with His will. He then piles the clouds up, then you see the rain coming down therefrom. When it falls on whomever He chooses from among His servants, they rejoice.

[30:49] Before it fell on them, they had resorted to despair.

[30:50] You shall appreciate GOD’s continuous mercy, and how He revives the land that has been dead. He will just as certainly resurrect the dead. He is Omnipotent.

[39:53] Proclaim: “O My servants who exceeded the limits, never despair of GOD’s mercy. For GOD forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.”

[42:28] He is the One who sends down the rain after they had despaired, and spreads His mercy. He is the only Master, Most Praiseworthy.

As we can see, when it comes to doling out mercy, there is no match to God.  I find it preposterous to imagine a person arguing with God over His divine judgment!

Here is my advice to you.  As you go about your life’s journey and you bear witness to gross injustices, try to remind yourself that God is the exemplar of mercy.  Sometimes you may dislike a thing yet there is good in it.  He knows what you know not.


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