The Jar and the Vase

In Season 2, Episode 20 of “Suddenly Susan”, Susan (Brooke Shields) recites a poem about her friend, Todd (David Strickland), who is seated front and center. In real life, the two actors were best friends until David’s tragic death at the age of 29.

The jar and the vase

They sat in the nook

The vase glanced at the jar with an arrogant look

I hold roses and lilacs and daffodils, too

What on earth could this simple receptacle do?

Then they moved the glass jar to a small windowsill

A rainbow appeared in the room it did fill

It had been in the jar

It was always inside

But the vase hadn’t noticed

Because of its pride

Then, she finally admitted

What she knew to be true

And the vase told the jar:

“I celebrate you!”


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