When Tragedy Strikes

In the wake of a tragedy that hits close to home for many Americans, we are left with many questions. What was the motive of the perpetrator? What should be done to help the mentally ill? Should we reconsider our laws on gun control in order to prevent such horrific acts of violence in the future? Why did God let this happen to innocent children?

While I can’t know exactly what was going through the perpetrator’s mind, I can make some observations of the aftermath. With this extreme act of violence, the shooter put forth a tangible example of the unity of opposites (coincidentia oppositorum). He created in his victims an eternal innocence, while guaranteeing that he himself will be remembered as grossly depraved.

This act was a concrete illustration of the frustrations of young people. Life can be a frightening concept for those who are brave enough to reflect upon it. Talking about it seems to be taboo.  Questioning religious traditions can lead to being ostracized by family and society, even though what we are taught in public school is contrary to what has been passed down from our ancestors.

Our food, water, air, and medicines are all inundated with toxic chemicals. Our ears and eyes are subjected to media that influences our thoughts and our choices. In this sense, we are all victims. That is, until we choose to awaken. We can choose to raise our consciousness, identify what is objectionable in our lives, and work to redress it. We can take our frustrations, grief, and fear and channel it into a campaign for awareness and change.

I believe in a loving and forgiving creator who is in control of all things. The creator experiences creation through creation. Realize your divine nature. Love and honor the divine nature in all things. Do not despair when tragedy strikes. Every individual will experience death. So, focus on creating a better world with freedom to think for yourself, support for all who need it, and love and acceptance just as we are.


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