What You Really Want

Here is an example of a common mistake made by well-meaning people.

“I LOVE food! I want to eat lots and lots of it because it tastes so GOOD, makes me feel so HAPPY, and I really ENJOY it!”

The speaker in the example has attributed food as the object of her love, the reason for her happiness, the bestower of her joy, and her notion of what is good. She has created a wish, thinking that she will experience more of those good feelings by increasing the quantity of food that she eats. The problem with this wish is that it may have repercussions! She may experience digestive trouble, blood sugar problems, financial issues, social issues, or become obese as a result of her attempt to fulfill her wish.

This is an example of associating partners with God. What she should do instead is create a wish for more LOVE, GOOD, HAPPINESS, and JOY by whatever means are most appropriate and suitable even if she is not able to perceive those means from her current point of view. By specifying a particular method of the fulfillment of our wishes, we are placing a limit on God’s grace. God is powerful over all things, omnicient, limitless. When we are filled with joy, God is filled with joy. God is happy to make us happy. Ask for what you really want, POSITIVE feelings, and allow God to be the One to bestow them upon you by way of the method that is BEST.


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