Don’t Live to Regret

The rich and powerful shape our world.

They disperse their spinformation.

They call it “news” but it has never changed.

Paintings commissioned by the Powers That Be

Tell the stories that they want us to believe.

Financing of popes classified as infallible.

“Eat up. We know you must be hungry.

“Look at us. We have plenty.

“Be like us. End your misery.

“Bow down to us. We are your masters.”

But they don’t realize what I know.

They don’t realize what I’ve seen.

They can’t fathom what’s in me.



The word of God resurfacing within:

“They intend to put out

The light of God with their mouths

But God will perfect his light

In spite of dislike by those who conceal.”

So reflect.




But don’t sit back and wait.


Fight back.

Not with arms,

But, with mind.

With heart.

By example.

Rise up.


Do not be silent.

Don’t live to regret.


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