Quran Study Notes from 8-28-2011

Would everyone please state their name so that we know whose color is whose?


hello ?

why it doing this HERE?  Farouk is cyan (light blue).


Scroll down, dude! 


go to the bottom of the page and type <– exactly 😛 




This is Imraan

This is Marisa. <heeey 😀 

How come I always get the stupid pink?

This is Shorouq xD 

Where’s Farouk?

Farouk, type something! I think we lost him.

Salaams, who’s the new guest?

Never mind 😛 

So we were discussing 2:158




I think 2:158 presents the solution to what over coming what is in the preceding verses

 ln psych class yesterday, we were discussing the left brain and the right brain.  They are completely separated except by a relatively small part called the corpus collossum.  One allows you to think as an individual and one allows you to think as a whole.  I want to fit this concept into the Quran.  When I clicked on sh3ayr it brought me to a word that most commonly means “perception” according to corpus.  This makes sense.  Going between the brain that thinks on an individual level and the brain that thinks on the level of all existence.+1🙂

ش ع ر seems to have to do with been intimately acquaited with something <– the poets?


2:158 says “yatufa bihima”, not around them… using them! 

causing or effecting the tawwafa with them. so yes, using them

Although 7awl (around) in the Quran could mean “year” [rotation again]. REVOLUTION.

ok im following now!


So back to TWF then?

going back and forth, oscillating

How can it mean “groups”? It could have something to do with the members of a group, hence “ta’eefa”. Or… what this group does. 


I don;t think they need to be plurarl either, just performing the function of oscillating. 

the groups are moving back and forth

Group or party because they are move amongst each other metaphorically, so they get to know each other well?

^^ Agreed there too. Can’t make my mind up. 

How about 68:19.  The root word is used twice in that verse.It’s masculine. /: 😛 


Again, “alaihim”. [[Fatafa AAalayha ta-ifunmin rabbika wahum na-imoon]]  Like the revelation that is sent down to the prophet.  It’s sent 3layha.;P  I was thinking this could be a form of mental torment.  Affecting the disbeliever/ungrateful? 


Are we stumped?

TWF – bringing things under your control? within your power? gaining mastery over something? Well, we can see what this ta’ef did. 

maybe even in 2:158, using it (safa and marwa) to achieve hajjal bayt or 3umrah?



68:20 –


Faasbahat kassareem

Sahih International

And it became as though reaped.


“sareem”, I thought, means strict, not reaped. They were the people of THE Jannah, btw, right? (68/17)

ص ر م to cut in order to seperate according to Lanes

hmmm, i was thinking every-day Arabic. Sorry. 

The context always dictates what the object of the concept is, so in 2:158, TWF should be referring to using safa and marwa from sha3a’irillah in order to succeed in hajjal bayt or 3umrah. mastering all of this to become well acquainted with what is required?

In the sense of a group or a party of people, it could mean being familiar with with each other, knowing each other, having a mastery of what each other think, what makes each other tick?

where is everyone? 


Well, it’s Ramadaan and I’m thirsty. 😥

It’s ramadan and I’m just about to have a cup of coffee;)

Yeeaaaaah, you don’t live with your parents. 


What happened to Marisa? I am here.

Are we not in the zone for discussing the root today?

That right brain, left brain thing. I always thought it represented to different ways of processing things and the trick is to try and bring those two processes together.

They say left brained people are more inclined towards thinking logically about things in a step by step manner, while left brained people are more creative in their approach.

They’re pigs, in other words. 😛 I mean, mentally-wise. left or right? <— left

Right controls left body and vice versa. I am right handed, so left brain dominant apparently. My wife is left handed, so right brain dominant apparently. Since we’ve been together, I have become much more right brain active and I think she has become more left brain active, while still being dominant where we originally were. I hope this means we are thinking more wholistically now.

I’ve been doing an experiment this year to see if I am more productive and able to do more if I don’t fast. Seems like I am. So I am here yak yak aykking away and all thsoe fasting seem a little less productive because I seem to be talking to myself ;)))))))) I shouldn’t have fasted. 

http://blog.ted.com/2008/03/12/jill_bolte_tayl/  Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened — as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding — she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story of recovery and awareness — of how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another. (Recorded February 2008 in Monterey, California. Duration: 18:44.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyyjU8fzEYU  here is an alternate video link. thanks, will check it out.

Marisa, this is interesting. I can’t view the video, but I’m reading the transcript. Gives me some ideas regarding TWF actually.

I gotta go now.

Salimah, welcome and bye. Sorry you missed the class, but people weren’t really into it today. Maybe we can do this root again.



im yellow (salimah)

it’s ok. I’m sorry I wasn’t here

sure, I’ll be happy to do that 🙂

Peace and love to all. talk to you soon.


Peace be unto you too 🙂


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